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How to Unlock Premium Features of Tivimate IPTV

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After successfully configured Tivimate with your IPTV provider you will start noticing that many features are not working and that’s because you need to activate the premium version and link your account with it.

The only place you can activate your premium account is via the Tivimate companion app which you can find only on the Android play store, which means if you have only IOS or another operating system your only solution is to find an Android device or run an android emulator like bluestacks on your computer to access the play store.

if you don’t have a computer or an Android device the only option left is asking a friend or a family member to purchase it for you from their device if they have an Android or a computer.

How to download & setup TiviMate Companion

– Unlocking Premium Directly Through Tivimate App

1. If no playlist is uploaded to the app, then this is the first front-end view shown. There you can click on Settings.

2. You can also hold down OK button on the remote to bring Settings menu up. Click Unlock Premium.

3. On the left side, premium features are listed. And on the right side click Next.

4. Once again, keynotes on the left side. The paid license can cover up to 5 devices. You can either pay for a yearly license costing $4.99 or be done with it with a one-time payment of $19.99

Click Account to proceed.

5. For someone who already has a registered paid account with TiviMate, they could simply enter their Email address and Password, and click login.

Note: Since we are making a new registration, enter your email address, your desired password (which is not your email address password), and click Sign up.

6. By clicking the Sign up button in the previous step, another fields appears. These 3 fields should be filled according to the previous step. Re-enter Password and click Create Account.

7. Finally pick the option you find more suitable and click to go ahead with payment.

– Unlocking Premium Directly Through TiviMate Companion

If your device is any type of Generic Android, like a Firestick or FireTV, Purchase should be done through an app called TiviMate Companion.

Note: In this method, we pay for the license through a device that actually has access to Google Playstore and once the license is purchased and applied to your email address as an account, then you can login using that account on the Tivimate app installed on the device like Firestick or FireTV, etc… on which you did not have access to Google Playstore.

1. Tap on the search bar at the top and search for TiviMate Companion then select the first choice.

2. Click install and Wait for the download to finish.

3. Click Open.

4. Click Account.

5. Enter your email address and a password (which is not your email address password) and click Sign up.

6. Once Sign up clicked, a new field appears asking to retype your password. Do so and click Create Account.

7. Now pick your desired plan to pay for and after that, you will be redirected to the payment gateway to finalize the payment.

Note: Be sure to write down or remember your login information to sign into the TiviMate App.

– Applying the license to the app and unlocking premium features

Once the license is paid for through one of the above methods, it’s time to unlock premium features by logging in our TiviMate subscription.

1. Open the Settings menu and click Unlock Premium.

2. Click Next.

3. Click Account.

4. Type the TiviMate subscription you paid for earlier and then click Log in.

5. Now the subscription is loaded. As you can see in this instance, we previously have paired 2 other TiviMate apps to this subscription and therefore there are 3 free slots to use.

Click Activate New Device, then go down to Enter Device Name and assign the desired name for the device you want to activate so later you be able to recognize which used slot belongs to which device.

Finally, click Activate.

6. New device has been added and premium features are unlocked now.

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